Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surfing the interwebs I

Wow. Just wow. They say beware a woman scorned... I say watch out for an angry dude. Make that... an angry douche.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Your Boy's Back on the Beat

So… it’s been a while a quick minute. Your boy has been stuck in the basement writing print ads, ad copy and press releases for sycophantic corporate types. Why? Because it paid nice.

But I’m back. I could take but so much corporate morons. My new

masters, same old masters, have assigned me the task of checking out the online culture scene. You know me, culture is spelled


For now I’m gonna get back to the subject of online dating.

When last I posted I broke down the types of chicks, for you politically correct: women, you can expect to encounter. [Go ahead, scroll down… it’s all there for your viewing pleasure.] I posted multipl

e profiles at multiple dating sites, some pay site, some free ones. I browsed their categories, selected some bird and left my digital love notes.

Well more like post-it notes. And I laid back in the cut for a minute and waited to see who’d respond. I’m weary of the comoditification of love and the ala carte packaging of men and women. And quite frankly I

’m a little concerned about the decline of the straight up mack. Who knows…, I may find true love in the bargain.

Now I have a few questions for my readership [what little there are of you.] First date scenarios..., do I go for polite intimacy or cliché setup. Do I go…?

Bar vs. Lounge

Movies vs. Plays

Dinner/Meal – home cooked vs. restaurant: expensive vs. not


Help a brother out? Catch you on the flipside.